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So, I have joined a musical theatre group. It's amateur, and led by all volounteers on and behind the stage.
BUT it's pretty popular and has been running for 10+ years.

Eventhough it's my first year there I got accepted as a frekkin board member... HOW COOL IS THAT!?
I am not gonna be ON stage, but more of the backstage stuff like PR, getting props and costumes etc. :)

And what is kind of cool too - I will be on the frekkin panel at our auditions...
I am gonna act all Ryan Muprhy up in thurr'.
Still think its pretty awesome to get there, when its only my first year there.
But hey. its run by enthusiasts... and that I am... so that was prob why I was welcomed. :D

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Darren's fab hat

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This will probably be played at the end of my grans funeral, when we take the coffin out of the chapel.
She and my granfather  loved this song, and I think it's appropriate..

I am so sad. I am stilll in disbelief.